Thought of the day

“In the world take always the position of of the giver. Give everything and look for no return. Give love, give help, give service, give any little thing you can, but keep out barter. Make no conditions and none will be imposed on you. Let us give out of our own bounty, just as God gives to us.”

Swami Vivekananda




If you want to win the interest of men, you must first understand what men want in women. The ideas of feminine perfection are different from our own. The things we women admire in each other are rarely attractive to men.

Women inclined to appreciate poise, talent, intellectual gifts and cleverness of personality, whereas men admire girlishness, tenderness, sweetness of character, vivacity and her ability to understand men.

A marked difference is in regard to appearance. Women are inclined to appreciate artistic beauty, such as the shape of the face, the nose, and artistic clothes. Men, however, have a different interpretation of what makes a woman beautiful. More appealing to them is the sparkle in her eyes, smiles, freshness, radiance and her feminine manner.

Helen Andelin “The Fascinating Girl”

It is very important for woman to love herself. Especially the one who was short of selfless love and love of a father in childhood. The nature of woman is to give, it’s her natural condition. But if she can’t love herself and is not able to feel the condition of abundance, love and happiness, then she won’t be able to make her family happy. Woman has got to be a bit capricious, she must pamper herself and let be pampered. It is life-essential to her to feel well groomed, bloomy, joyous and radiant!
Woman needs as an air a good rest, flowers, sweets, jewelry, new beautiful dresses, and loads of new pleasant feelings. Only in such condition she is able to make her man happy.


Rivalry is an obstacle to womanhood. Woman should never rival with anyone. She should never compare herself to anyone, she should never try to prove man that she’s better than other woman. A real woman is above the charts. Woman has to realise her inherent divine unique nature. A Goddess would never compete with other Goddess for the right to be called so. She just knows her divine nature. When woman is aware of it, she becomes very attractive to men. Modern woman has got a massive problem – she doesn’t love herself, she forgot her real worth.

Satya Das, vedic psychologist


Beauty tip #2 “The Feminine manner” part 1


today I would like to share with you some of the tips from amazing book by Helen Andelin “Fascinating Womanhood”. This book is like an encyclopedia to femininity and I recomend every lady to read it. So far in my blog I’m going to post some really helpful advices from the book. So stay tuned and be pretty. V

The feminine manner is the motions of a woman’s body, the way she walks, talks, uses her hands, the sound of her voice, her facial expressions, and her conversation. The feminine manner is attractive to men because it is such a contrast to their ownmasculine strength and firmness.

1. The Hands

Avoid stiff, brusque movements. Don’t wave your hands in the air or use them firmly in expressing yourself. Never pound on the table to put over a point. Never slap anyone on the back. Never shake a man’s hand with strength and vigor. The handshake hould be gentle but firm. Take a man’s arm lightly.

2. The Walk

Avoid a heavy gait or long strides, such as the way men walk. Don’t copy the fashion model walk. It is arrogant and unfeminine. Walk in a light, graceful, natural manner. To induce a light walk, imagine you weigh ninety-five lbs.

3. The Voice

If you ever learning to walk and use your hands correctly, you tend to modulate your voice to harmonize with your manner.But,if you discover your voice is spoiling the impression you are trying to create, make an effort to change it. Here are the rules:

Don’t talk too loud. And don’t let your voice suggest mannish effieciency or course boldness. No man likes a coarse, loud, vulgar tone in a woman any more than a woman likes an effeminate tone in a man. And no man likes mumbling, dull, monotonous, or singsong voice, because it indicates the character behind the voice is equally dull and uninteresting.

To improve your voice, practice talking in the privacy of your room. Speak slowly, pronounce words distinctly, and bring gentleness into your voice. Also, speak with expression. An excellent means of bringing expression into your voice is to read old fairy tales aloud, as they cover good and evil, joy and sorrow.When reading them, express emotion- eagerness, delight, enthusiasm, wonder, love, pity and every sentiment. Raise or lower your voice as needed for expression. But remember, our main objective is not only a good, clear voice but a gentle, feminine one.

4. The Laugh

Avoid any tendency to the masculine laugh such as deep or loud tone. Don’t open your mouth wide, throw your head back, slap your hands on your thighs, roar, cackle, snort, or anything coarse or vulgur. 🙂 If these extremes are avoided, the laugh will be acceptable.

5. Cooing and Purring

Cooing and purring may sound a bit syrupy, but we should not overlook it. Probably every women who has been a feminine coquette has impulsively spoken this way to the man she loves. Women tend to suppress the tendency to coo and purr around men, thinking it silly. However, when a women is around a baby, cooing is spontaneus. Have you noticed when women talk to babies or tiny children they tend to make gentle noises? It can be fascinating to men, even when bestowed on an infant.

6. Bewitching Languor

Languor is a calm, quiet air, similar to that of a cat relaxing before fireplace. It is like touch of a velvet. The opposite of languor is a nervous, high-strung manner such as biting the fingernails, jingling keys, twistering a handkerchief or fingering the nail. To developlanguor, work to overcome these habits.